Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Damien G. Walter and "class envy"

On second thought, I'll keep this blog going until I decide whether to make a book about social justice warriors, so here's a twitter exchange that seems relevant:

  1. No, Will. This is the whole point. As we covered already, this isn't about Jemisin. It's about you, and your victim complex.
  2. And your class envy, and your being beaten up as a kid. And your anger, which you've turned in to racist insults, when...
  3. …you could have turned it in to something better.

I responded:
  1. Ah, "class envy". On this side of the pond, that's what rich folks say about the people who don't know their place.

The interchange reminded me of Jemisin's use of "flyover country".

What can I say? Elitists are elitist. Or as identitarians would say, classists are classist.

What he was thinking of when he said I deal in racist insults, I haven't a clue. I do my best not to insult anyone, though I realize that to cultists, any disagreement is insulting.