Monday, June 3, 2013

oh noes! Ann Somerville is cyberstalking me!

It began with her tweet:
17hWhat a surprise. Shetterly is defending sexist dickwittery in comments.
I responded with:
16h Actually, I'm supporting the right to disagree. I believe in intellectual diversity, not bourgeois identitarianism.
Then I saw her response:

16hchrist, does will shetterly do anything but ego google himself all fucking day? As if he could ever say anything I want to hear
16hWhat does it say about the SF community that a racist sexist tool like Shetterly is more acceptable than 'lady writers'?
So I tweeted:
12h Do you even know what "racist" and "sexist" mean? You use them like synonyms for "poopyhead".
12h The Feministsf wiki said my “work features strong women characters and people of color”. What did it say about yours?
12h I marched and was beaten bloody in the civil rights struggle. What have you done?
Will Shetterly ‏@WillShetterly12h Ah, well. Bored now. Ciao!
Then I noticed she had blogged about me: Bros before hos. So I tweeted:
2h Oops, forgot to say this: Stop cyberstalking me! (I hope I'm using the term in the proper SJW sense.) :)
What can I say? I was bored, and I assume Ann Somerville was also. It used to bother me when SJWarriors threw hissyfits about me, because I like to think people can disagree civilly—I have many friends who don't share my politics. But since Warriors reject civility as tone policing, I realize that outrage is just what makes them happy. So now I find their attention kind of flattering.

But mostly, I pity them. They want a better world and haven't a clue how to make one. (Hint: Embracing the idea of treating everyone with respect is a start. I don't always succeed at that, but I keep it as a goal.)

ETA: Her blog post may be private now. I wish these people would decide whether they want to be public or private before they hit "post". But changing things from public to private is just another example of SJWs wanting to have everything two ways, and a third if they can figure one out.