Thursday, May 23, 2013

if I could teach Social Justice Warriors one thing... would not be a fact. There are too many facts they don't know to choose one. Instead, I would teach them an attitude that's well-expressed in Daniel Dennett's seven tools for thinking: Respect your opponent.

Many SJWs defend what they do by saying their opponents don't respect them. If that was true, they would not have to write so many words about why politeness should be ignored.

They also rely on the great cry of the self-justifier: "But X did it first!" Even if you think it's right to treat others as they treat you—and there have been times in my life when I believed that—it's never right to treat people worse than they treated you.

But in every case I know of where SJWs attacked someone who could possibly be said to have given the first offense, their response was far more vicious than the offense.

Teaching SJWs to respect their opponents may be impossible. The SJW love of call-out culture and rejection of tone-policing suggests their approach could be called antirespectism. Teaching Social Justice Warrior to respect their opponents would be the end of Social Justice Warriordom.