Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ann Somerville, SJW

Ann Somerville kept one of the histories of Racefail 09 that banned commenters who disagreed with her. It seems she has her own history with outing people. It's glass houses all the way down.

ETA: Somerville's response: That’s your best shot, Melissa? » Ann Somerville's Blog. That section of fandom is strange. The nice thing about not using pseuds is you don't have to worry about being outed.

ETA 2: I thought the details I'd included here were public knowledge, but I'm deleting them from this post because they may be why Somerville's claiming I doxxed her. What's amusing is that if so, she's admitting she's the person who did the doxxing, but nevermind that.

If this isn't why she's claiming I doxxed her, please let me know, and, just as others have done when they accidentally doxxed someone, I'll delete the information and apologize.