Monday, August 6, 2012

on Social Justice Warriors defending fake people and attacking real ones

I'm not planning to get into the latest kerfuffle, partly because I have things that actually matter to focus on, but I wanted to note this:

Liz Williams is a real person.

Caitlin R. Kiernan is a real person.

ACrackedMoon, aka RequiresHate, is, in the words of one of the most insightful cartoons about the web, a dog on the internet. His or her or its style is remarkably similar to a couple other famously abusive SJ warriors, Kynn Bartlett and WinterFox. ACrackedMoon claims to be a rich Thai, but a number of people who know more about Thailand than I do (I've only been able to leave North America twice in my life) have strong doubts. It's possible that ACM's wealth—something SJ Warriors hate to talk about—is the reason he/she/it passes the AI test for "whiteness": English-speaking bourgie folks are pretty much the same wherever you go because they can travel from country to country, and the only things that change for them are the accents of the waiters bringing their brunch.