Thursday, August 23, 2012

Acrackedmoon hates Jews! or how to be a Social Justice Warrior

Acrackedmoon, aka Requireshate, just tweeted:
@sparkymonster I understand you're familiar with this... subhuman
Let's look at her coded language. Anyone who knows anything about racism knows that the Nazis' favorite word for Jews was Untermensch. Anyone who cares about racism and coded language would never want to sound like Hitler. She claims to be Chinese; she must know about The Rise of Chinese anti-semitism and contemporary support for Hitler as a display of Chinese nationalism. Acrackedmoon clearly did not care about these things when she went full-Godwin.

Ergo, she hates Jews.

At least, by Social Justice Warrior logic. In the real world, who knows? She's a dog on the internet who thinks white supremacists love interracial romance; in down with “Coals”; save the whites! Victoria Foyt’s REVEALING EDEN pt 1, she claimed, "Revealing Eden, you see, is a white supremacist fantasy written by a white person who has the vapors when she contemplates what’d happen if things went upside down and POC get the chance to treat whiteys the way whiteys have been treating everyone else since times immemorial."

She's spoofing the social justice warriors, right? And the ones who support her are in on the gag? I beg you, for the sake of my faith in humanity, assure me that's so.